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Riverbank Stabilization of the Don River at the York University Glendon Campus: A Review of Fluvial Processes, Landforms, and Stabilization Processes

The Applied Plant Ecology of York University were sent to the Glendon Campus to review the riverbank of the Don River and provide possible solutions to the current processes happening. Maya, my partner, and I were assigned a section of … Continue reading

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Trudeau’s Push To Approve Major Pipelines and Its Effect on Structural Vegetation

Back in April, it was alleged that the Trudeau government instructed key officials to find ways to approve major pipelines. Conservative MP’s were not impressed, encouraging Trudeau to do more to enhance the oil and gas industry. However, environmentalists were … Continue reading

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If Pandas Aren’t Endangered Anymore, What Are They?

40 years ago, there was a global plea from China to save it’s endangered species Ailuropoda melanoleuca, better known as the black and white bear we have come to love, the Giant Panda. Now, 40 years later pandas are no … Continue reading

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