The Administration – Or How Not to Trust the Higher Powers

Introductions are known to be pretty great; Whether it’s meeting someone new and hoping the right impression is made or it’s starting out a new course and being excited for the future and that first homework-free week.

When it comes to York University, you know there’s always a sprinkle of bad in something that seems too good to be true. My bad happened with course selection this year. The beginning of summer usually likes to punctuate the study-less relaxation with a midmorning scramble to lock in the grades for your next year. Competition feels even higher then when trying to beat out your classmates for grades – as how can you get a better grade when you can’t even get into the course?

For me, this seemed to be the first year I could finally get into all the courses I wanted and that additionally meant they’d be courses I actually liked (Anecdotally, there’s a positive correlation between having freedom of choosing courses (rather than being locked into chemistry) and actually enjoying the courses). Alas, poking the beast that is York University is never advised. My poke was choosing summer courses and then deciding to change them a week later. What should have been a simple drop one course and add another turned into me not being able to choose any Fall courses as my dropped courses never did really drop and I was forced into selection lockout until I paid for the course I was not attending.

This is where administration came in even more. Although it was confirmed that I was technically dropped from my course (I wasn’t just skipping it I swear), no one person had the power to fix my financial block. An exercise in frustration occurred as I was bounced between different academic and financial departments week to week as someone tried to find someone who forgot to drop me or take off my block. This dragged on from July to September and many “24 hour wait for your account to be assessed and cleared” were passed before my account – and wallet! – were free from the clutches of York University. Victory-ish! I was a week behind on being able to actually enroll in the courses I had selected and had to scramble now and attend classes hoping someone would drop in the first week and I could snipe their seats from them.

I know my first blog post is a bit colloquial and off-topic, but I do promise it all comes together. If it wasn’t for my dedication to clicking enroll over and over again in the first week of school hoping that someone wouldn’t realize how great of a course they had ahead of them I wouldn’t be here writing this blog post. Now, it’s safe to say the storm is over which hopefully means BIOL4095 will be smooth-sailing with the winds behind me!

I promise there will be more leafy greens in the next post, so do keep an eye out for me!

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