It Comes Full Circle

The end of the semester tends to be a difficult time, with final projects and exams on the horizon slowly looming over. It’s a threatening and stressful time and anything can really be the tipping point between sanity and complete chaos. My last blog post isn’t entirely related to the content of the course but it’s very much about my journey and comes full circle in the worst way possible.

If you recall my first ever blogpost I wrote about the issues with taking the course and how the York University administration impeded me from achieving my goals of a smooth course selection. After dealing with so many supports and offices I was able to take off a faulty financial block and get into the classes I need at the very last second – fighting a few others to click enroll after school had already started.


My struggle with the higher powers unfortunately didn’t end in September and my bad voodoo seemed to have followed me right until the end of the year. Specifically, my bad luck with support and technical issues ran right into my technologically wonderful and advanced course of BIOL4095. The twitter assignment has been no short task of updates, having spanned over 3 months and taken many different moments both in class and my personal interests. Yet, with a loss of password and a change of devices (and perhaps what may have been some unknown risqué tweets about leaves) left me with a twitter account that was completely reset and scrubbed clean just two weeks to the end of school. All the work, time spent, and connections made disappeared and nothing was left but my handle and a strange message to call a number for an automated code.

Now began a new quest very similar to the one I undertook early this school year; calling and emailing support and bouncing between help services in order to figure out what happened to my account. The similarities diverge here, as nothing helped and no straight answer as to what happened other than my account being reset was told. A lesson in frustration and a scramble to make up for a semester’s worth of work and connections. I do hope that the things I did say stuck with someone and overall the entertainment of my dealings both at the beginning and end of my blogs make up for the lost content. I do wish I had more to show. It’s funny to me how some things seem to repeat and come full circle, and in this case it happened to be my luck and the slow gears of support and authority.


All in all, I’ve had a fun time both tweeting and writing these posts and will definitely miss these habits once the course is over. I hope maybe I’ve picked up enough of a habit to one day tweet about things a little less green and varied in front of friends that aren’t in biology. For now, just the Glendon post to go!

Thanks for sticking by these!


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