“The impacts of ozone depletion on vegetation” Student Lecture Team

When Bonnie, Tiffani, Mohammad, Nivetha and Awais came to give their lecture, we got into a bit of trouble.

At the beginning of the term, I discovered that our assigned lecture room was a very old classroom in xxx, with old furniture that did not allow group work. I had taught in this building in Winter Term 2016, and found that the air in these classrooms was very stale and making students sleepy.

So, when I discovered that we were back in the same building, I emailed Biology administration requesting a classroom change. But, our staff person had been injured and was away, so no action was taken.

I sought out a better classroom of similar size and discovered that one of the smaller fabulous Life Sciences Buildings classrooms was available, so we moved there. While I told the Biology staff that we had moved, I never formally let them know to which room. And, they never followed up on my earlier email with the difficult-to-deal-with central room bookings. But, the fabulous classroom was empty for the 2nd half of the term and we used it. But, on the occasion of the Ozone Depletion Student lecture, we discovered that another course had been booked into the lecture room on a one-off, and we had to return to our old, awful classroom.

I didn’t get a great photo of the team, but here is Mohammad (2nd from right, in blue) handing out some of the donuts that students would get as a reward for the end of lecture quizzes. Ron, Shahana, Maya, Awais and Katherine are very happy!



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