My Summer’16





By general definition, feminism is the belief in social, political and economic equality of all sexes. Many celebrities, including pop signer Beyoncé Knowles have contributed in educating the public on achieving justice for individuals of all diversities.  Beyoncé is much more than just a pretty face and talented singer, she is also an actress and businesswoman. Beyoncé was born on September 4th 1981 in Houston, Texas. Although, it was not until Beyoncé had joined and became lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child when she captured the public’s eye in 1997. Unsurprisingly to say, the members of the group Destiny’s Child parted in 2006 leaving Beyoncé to establish and focus on her own solo career. Beyoncé’s first solo album Dangerously in Love quickly sold out more than 5 million albums alone in the United States, having her become on of the music industry’s top-selling artists with sold-out tours. Aside from her musical career, Beyoncé has also starred in a few Hollywood films, like Dream Girls and Obsessed to name a few. Apart from all of her career successes, in 2008 Beyoncé married rapper Jay-Z who now shares one child together. With Beyoncé being one of the nations greatest entertainers of all time, it is no surprise that she has performed twice at the Super Bowl. Most recently, including the 2016 Super Bowl where she sang her new single hit “Formation” and shocked the world by announcing a grand world tour.

In April 2016, Beyoncé released her sixth album “Lemonade”, which led me off to a great start to my summer16’.  After announcing at the Super Bowl that she would be going on a world tour, I purchased tickets and could not wait to see her in concert on April 29th. The tickets I purchased were front row and cost a fortune, but I guess you could say it was an impulsive “beehive” moment. I was very surprised to hear that my plant ecology professor, Dawn Bazely, was also a huge Beyoncé fan and would be attending the concert as well. When the day of the concert approached, I was thrilled! Although I have seen Beyoncé perform on TV, I was excited to see her live and in front of my very own eyes. My seats were so close I would basically be breathing the same oxygen as her. That is when I knew I was officially one of those crazy “beehive” fans.  The album “Lemonade” and her world tour conveyed many themes such as infidelity; feminism as well as the injustice that all women face in today’s society particularly highlighting the triumphs colored women endure.

Many people ask me why I like Beyoncé so much, and I always reply, what’s not to like… aside from her being extraordinarily talented musically, Beyoncé stands up for what she believes in and is well known as a ‘modern day feminist’. This is very much communicated in her songs as well as visually in her music videos. Beyoncé believes that gender equality is still a very prominent issue in today’s society, and in order to over come it and have fairness for individuals of all sexes and diversities, society needs to stop buying into the myth of gender equality and not set standards for which sexes are ‘supposed’ to do what. It is for this reason that Beyoncé Knowles is influential in my life because she is a constant reminder that anything is possible regardless of the barriers that society makes up.


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