Day: Invasive plants are great in hard-to-grow places



Invasive species are species that are not native to a particular environment and alter the ecosystem. In some but not all cases, invasive species are detrimental to the environment since they do not normally have any natural predators and can easily spread, reducing the biodiversity of the ecosystem. I find that this article in the Toronto Star does not address this issue, and encourages the public to plant these invasives without any concern of the issues that this action will support. For example, this article supports Artemisia ludoviciana, a type of grass that is considered highly invasive, because “the effect is glorious”. In reality, this plant is harmful to the ecosystem as it can spread to meadows, floodplains and wetlands, where is outcompetes native species, which causes negative cascade effects within the food web and ultimately reduces biodiversity. In addition, this plant is extremely difficult to eradicate which is another reason why this article is nonsensical and ignorant. I believe the newspaper should be posting articles that will encourage the public to help benefit the environment that we are destroying by planting native species that are important in the niches of other native species. For example, as explained in my last post, milkweed is an essential factor in the life cycle of monarch butterflies. There should be more posts on why plants such as these are significant, and none regarding “glorious” invasive species that end up harming the environment in the long run.




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