Trees decrease bus wait times?

Recently, I was scrolling through twitter and I came across a fact that intrigued me. It was an UberFact that stated that “According to a study, having big, leafy trees at a bus stop makes the wait feel shorter, while pollution and traffic make it feel longer.” And this caught my attention. Then I searched for the study and found two articles stating that the study was conducted by the University of Minnesota and they surveyed bus riders and asked them what perceived time they thought the bus was going to come.


This got me thinking about what kind of trees that were planted at the time of the study. I think they should plant maple trees or less invasive trees. Maybe something that is native in the area as well could help with restoring natives and weaning off nonnatives.

Instead of complete deforestation, we can aim to build roads, sidewalks but especially bus shelters around the trees. In this way, we would potentially cut less trees and also have commuters feel like they have shorter wait times: a win-win situation.

If bus times feel shorter, then planting trees is a great idea near bus stops but it would be hard to find space to plant it at current bus shelters because the area might have been cemented and paved over so it would be more difficult to do that. But they could keep this idea in mind for the next bus shelters they build.

In contrary to the idea, planting trees near bus shelters may become a maintenance problem. Trees may grow to become an obstacle on bus routes and this may become a liability issue so that may be more costly. An example of this would be willow trees because they usually have bigger and more obstructive roots which might affect the pipelines as well as the pavement and therefore can become a safety issue. And this would have a greater negative effect than the anticipated benefit of commuters thinking it feels like a shorter bus time.

Overall, I think that this interesting study proved that just generally being or spending time in nature relieves anxiety and that in turn maintains a more peaceful mind. A peaceful mind is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is beneficial to everyday living.





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