Save money and grow your own food!

Many people are able to be self-sufficient when it comes to food! Now while it is highly improbable for you to actually have the time to grow your own food in this day and age, this one is dedicated to my classmates in #BIOL4095 for when we’re all old, successful and have the time to do this!

In order to be self-sufficient when it comes to growing food, you need enough space to grow the crops and basic knowledge of farming! Well, to be fair you really just need the money these days. Once you’ve aquired a space to grow your crops, along with the plant seeds and soil anr/or containers (pots?) you need, its a matter or planting the seed(s) and waiting. Now while I could go through the growth processes of each vegetable or fruit, i’ve include a link as one of the references that explains just that!

Another concern being addressed here is how to avoid pessicides and other chemical fertilizers being used in mass produced crops. In order to keep healthy soil from year to year, crop-rotation is one of the basic principles of knowlegde you need here! Basically changing the crop growin the the soil from year to year will help stop the soil from being depleted of one nutrient. Now while randomly you’d occasionally go wrong somehow, another link in the references has been included that goes into details as to what crops you should rotates from year to year in oder to keep your soil healthy! This is important because it will keep your food as organic as possible!

As this will most likely be last post for this course, I’d like to wish all the best for the future success of my classmates and the people I have met throughout the term and have yet to meet!

-Albert Lin


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