Flower Power

Are you stressed about the upcoming exams? Or do you have too many assignments due at the same time? Or may be have you not yet started studying for the finals? If all that is increasing your stress levels and pushing you into anywhere from little anxiety to panic attacks, then give nature a chance to help you out of that mess. No, nature wont do the exams or aassignments for you. But there is something else it might help you in; combating anxiety, that ccontinuous long term stress may have gifted you.


image taken from: Bach Flower Advice

There are books that talk about super foods and how they can help combat cancerous cells in the human body. Lately, there have also been some studies regarding how lack of green spaces may negatively impact ones mental and psychological health and thus how important of a role nature plays in our lives. Similarly, with such progress, even in medicine, many people in general and some medical doctors in specific have started to realize the importance of the use of ‘holistic approach’ in various treatments. Although many consider it to be only good enough to be used in complementary with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, others give preference to holistic and ‘alternative treatments before other treatments. Chinese medicine, homeopathic medicines and acupuncture may be very well known, but Bach remedies, that work wonders, may still be not as known among even those who incline more towards the holistics.


Image taken from: Nelsons Natural World

Bach remedies are basically just flower remedies, or essences that were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, who was a British Homeopathic physician, in the 1930’s (La Torre, 2007). Dr. Bach believed that flowers, especially fully bloomed flowers, contain in them the plants life force which can be helpful in treating a person by creating a healing positive mental state in order to remove negative physiological ailments that hinder the recovery of patients (Howard, 1998). These remedies were prepared by placing under the sun, the flowers in clear glass plates covered in spring water, in order to transfer the healing properties of the flower into the water (Walach et al., 2001). Today as well these flower remedies are prepared in the same way but brandy or ethanol are used to preserve them. They are used for a range of emotional and mental stresses as shown below in the table.

Image taken form: Bach Flower Essences

Check out this video to get a quick intoductory know how of these flower essences.

The best part is that they are totally non reactive with any other medicines, and also that they have no side or after effects, which makes them usable and safe for everyone. One of the most famous remedy out of all the 38 bach remedies is the compound remedy named as rescue remedy that people use for anxiety and stress. this one is made out of 5 different flower essences as shown below:

Image taken from: The Bach Centre

From left to right, top row: Cherry Plum, Clematis; bottom row: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem.

One thing that really surprised me when I last visited the health store was that there is rescue remedy specifically for the kids, and also one for pets. Well, I guess there is so much in nature that we arent even aware of. Its a treasure we must all preserve so we can make full use of it. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.  


La Torre, M. A. (2007). Integrative Perspectives. Perspectives In Psychiatric Care, 33(3), 32–153. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1744-6163.2007.00126.x

Howard, J. (1998). Bach flower remedies: A personal commen- tary on the work of Dr. Edward Bach. Complementary Therapies in Nursing & Midwifery, 4 (5): 148–149.

Walach, H., Rilling, C., & Engelke, U. (2001). Efficacy of Bach-flower remedies in test anxiety: A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial with partial crossover. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 15(4), 359–366. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0887-6185(01)00069-X

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