Bird’s foot violet- a local endangered species

For my third blog post I decided to do it on a topic that hits close to home.


Above a link to an endangered species named the birds foot violet, Viola pedata, which, in my opinion is, is a very marvelous species.

Above is a picture of this gorgeous wildflower. It is a perennial and can grow up to almost a foot. It is found only in black oak savanna and the bird’s foot violet greatly depends on natural disturbances in order to survive. It occurs also on rocky, well-drained acidic soils of open woods as well. The species is also a nectar plant for butterflies. Although the flower is very pretty, it is endangered and we are at risk of losing this Ontario gem! Unfortunately there is a lack of suitable habitat for the foot violet. It has been listed as endangered since 2008. Although this flower is found in Ontario it can also be seen in the US in states such as Missouri, New Hampshire and Ohio, where it is also at high risk of endangerment. The habitat seems to be the main reason to the endangerment because foots violet is not threatened by grazing. Scrolling through the site above you will see that the foot violet is one of many plants endangered, so it is time we take precaution and look into actions in order to preserve plants such as the Viola pedata.

Below is a general summary and what we can do to help the salvation of the foot violet:

References (pictures taken from sources)

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