A Summer at Apotex

This summer I had the privilege of working at the pharmaceutical company Apotex. It was my second consecutive summer working here so I was quite comfortable in my environment. I worked in a branch that dealt with the bottling of the pharmaceuticals and testing the pharmaceutical packaging. My job primarily focused on testing any leakages of the drugs into the bottles and to test if the packaging was suitable for the drugs it packaged. Although at times, the job was very tedious and boring, I learned a lot about the compounds of certain pharmaceuticals and how certain plastics and packaging if not made up to standard can actually leak into the drugs! My daily schedule had me ranging from doing a lot of hands on work, like swabbing growth bacteria plates, to coming up with a new filing system for the lab (I know so exciting). I still remain in close contact with most of my colleagues. They taught me a lot about how labs are organized and although it is exciting there is much of a routine to it, such as calibration of thermometers every two weeks. Although tedious it is vital for the calibration to be performed in order for a proper storage of the drugs. All in all this summer was full of interesting activities and it being my second year, I felt a lot more in my element in the lab and performing tests!

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