Here’s how Bamboo can cure Global Warming!

Even though Trump denies it, global warming plays a huge role in rising sea levels, melting of the glaciers and increasing the world’s temperatures. How can we help to lessen the impacts of global warming? Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming, and thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions would reduce the greenhouse effect.


What are some ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  2. Use less Air conditioning
  3. Use LED lights
  4. Car pool
  5. Don’t waste electricity
  6. Plant a tree

Did you know, that bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world? Some species of bamboo can grow 3 ft in 24 hours.


So can bamboo be used to reduce the impact of global warming? Bamboo can reach its full maturity in 1-5 years, and thus can keep up with human consumption.  Bamboo is an excellent absorber of carbon dioxide and releases a large amount of oxygen (approximately 30%) back into the atmosphere. This is important because all of our oxygen comes from photosynthesis.


As a result of its incredible root system, bamboo continues to grow independently after being harvested. Unlike most plants bamboo are low cost plants, in the sense that they don’t require chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer to grow. Bamboos are ‘self-care’ plants and they use their own fallen leaves to provide them with nutrients when decomposed into the soil.


The great thing about bamboos is that they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures (-28 – 38 °C), we can plant them here in Canada!

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Originally Sri Lankan, I was raised in Botswana in Africa and I am currently an international student in Canada. I am a Biology major and I love every aspect of Biology and truly enjoy my lab work!
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