How speaking 4 languages helped me throught out life (and this summer)

Salut tous le monde, my name is Mohammad  and I come from a small island called Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean. Speaking French and Creole as my native tongue since a young age, I can be considered to be a Francophone. At school, we were taught English since elementary school and coming to Canada significantly enhanced my english-speaking ability. I picked up Hindi by watching Hindi movies since as kid. Hence, I can speak 4 languages fluently: French, English, Creole and Hindi, making me a polyglot.

This allowed me to interact with more individuals than I could ever imagined. It was possible for me to live in Nantes, France for 1 year without any problem. As a volunteer at the Toronto General Hospital this summer, I could interact with more patients and visitors than my friends could. I could go for opportunities that many people could not. To summarize, I was less limited by language barriers.

It is hypothesized that people who speak different languages think differently when speaking a certain language at one time. For example, when speaking English, one would think a bit differently compared to when the same individual would speak French. This is definitely true as I often find myself thinking of many more possibilities when I even think of situations or problems in other languages.

Now, I just have to think of ways to use this ‘small polyglot ability’ in Biology and the science field!
Au Revoir

Mohammad Arshad Imrit

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