My Summer Travels To Mexico City/Ecuador

Over this past summer, I traveled on a 10-day trip to Ecuador with my brother. This trip was no ordinary trip, however; this trip was structurally unplanned the whole way there. It began with my brother booking the trip in advance, planning out where he wanted to go alone, what he wanted to see in this new place. Meanwhile, my exams just ended for the second year of university with only 5 days before my brother was set to leave I bought myself a ticket to accompany him while I missed out on all the vaccinations and anti-diarrhea medication I needed to get (luckily, I didn’t need them).

We started off the trip with a layover in Mexico City, eating all the local tacos and walking around and touring the many churches and the street vendors. We walked a total of 14 kilometers in a span of our 12-hour layover because we wanted to save money and not order a taxi (which are pretty sketchy anyways). After seeing enough churches to last a lifetime we got back to the airport to fly to Ecuador.

img_20160512_183902Me standing infront of the Benito Juarez Hemicycle, Mexico City

When we finally got to Quito, Ecuador the first step outside of the airport you are hit with the beauty of the landscape of the mountain and city merged into one. We spent most of the days just touring the city’s we visited from all the different parts of Ecuador (Quito, Banos, Riobamba, Guayaquil, and Montanita).


img_20160514_154631My brother and I sharing a guinea pig. Delicious

Throughout the trip it was wonderful to see friendly people around every corner (other travelers and sometimes the locals), seeing the culture from a different part of the world and their traditions from city walls and jungle villages, I got to surf in the ocean and bike down volcanoes. But most importantly I felt accomplished facing my fear of heights, I went rope swinging 50 feet off the ground in sketchy ropes in the middle of the jungle and went bungee jumping off a bridge (I only did that one, because the deal was too good to give up, 20$ to go bungee jumping???).


img_20160514_135303The bridge I jumped off of.

One thing I learn from my travels to a place into the unknown is to check everything twice, whether it is forgetting something back in the hostel to seeing if the bus driver scammed you by overcharging you for the tickets (This happened multiple times).

The trip was an overall great success, we flew back to Mexico to eat more tacos before returning back home to Toronto, Canada. I hope other people are able to travel the world to see the beauty in the great beyond, whether it is for the sense of adventure or for the aspects of culture and entertainment.

img_20160516_151956If you read til this far, here is a picture of a monkey riding a dog.

By – Shesan Govindasamy

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