Can invasive species actually be good?

Many times when you think of invasive species, you think of a species that have taken over an environment and gotten out of control.Usually to the point that it effects other species in that environment and could cause them to become endangered. Most of the time invasive species arise by us humans transporting them back to a location that they don’t belong in. They become invasive because they may not have any predator to control their population and they destroy everything else in their environment.But can invasive species actually do some good?

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In the right situations, can it be possible that invasive species are actually helpful to their environment? In some cases a species that is introduced into a new environment may not actually cause any immediate take over. They may live among the other plants and animals and seem as though they will not turn into invasive species. This is an illusion however since some non-native species can live among others very quietly and after a few years turn into an invasive species. so it would appear that through research, there really aren’t any non-native species that don’t take over the environment. But this doesn’t mean that they cant be a good thing in some cases.

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An example of this can be found in the form of  a Wattle-necked softshell turtle that is native to china but found on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. These turtles have indeed become an invasive species in Hawaii but at the same time they have also become an endangered species to China. Therefore by living in Kauai we are allowing this species to survive where it would have otherwise eventually become extinct. But at what cost? These turtles are still invasive and could potentially cause some fish species native to Hawaii to become extinct. So is one species favored more then the other?

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This is one dilemma we can see with helping an endangered invasive species. It is hard to say for sure whether invasive species can really be beneficial but at the moment it appears that the cons outweigh their benefits to the environment.



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