The Election and What It Means for the Future of the Environment

As you may have already learned, the 45th elected president of the United States is now Donald J Trump, but what does this mean to North America and the rest of the world?

The 70 year old reality tv star/business mogul turned President-elect of the United States of America , famously campaigned against Hilary Clinton for several months. Throughout his campaigning we had the chance to hear his thoughts on several different issues that range from women’s rights to foreign policy etc. One important issue Trump spoke about was climate change.


Climate change can be briefly defined as changes to normal or routine weather patterns generally brought on due to anthropogenic activity. Global warming is often associated with climate change. As normal and or seasonal temperatures change, certain parts of the world may eventually become uninhabitable by plants, animals and even people.

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo Dicaprio featured in a short film titled “Before the Flood” showcased the dangers of climate change and its impact worldwide. An increase of just 2 degrees drastically alters environmental conditions, plant life and subsequently animal populations. This is not only limited to land but water as well. Collectively humans have been destroying the planet since the early industrial revolution era with mass industrial productions, farming and the use of non-renewable energy.

When asked about climate change and the environment, the future president of the united states adamantly denied climate change and referred to it as a “hoax”.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.46.36 PM.png

Source: Business Insider.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.48.31 PM.png

Source: Twitter.

During media interviews, Trump’s stance on climate change has been consistent. Trump mentioned he wanted to “get rid of” all major regulations limiting Carbon Dioxide emissions in the United States which in turn would dismantle the regulation of CO2 in our environment.

Carbon Dioxide is a green-house gas that traps heat within the atmosphere and directly affects global temperatures and contributes to climate change. Rising temperatures are extremely detrimental and often irreversible.

He then went on to mention the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) who’s mission is to “protect human health and the environment” a “disgrace” that should be dissolved entirely.


Furthermore, and more importantly Donald has stated he wants to pull out of federal funding for environmentally beneficial resources such as wind/solar/nuclear power, electric cars and clean energy with the help of congress.


Last but not least, the Paris Climate Deal is something Donald would ideally like to back out of and is vocal about. The climate deal was created in order to start an initiative to lower CO2 emissions. A legally binding deal. The entire purpose of the deal is to set the global temperature increase well below 2 degrees and ensure we have this planet for hundreds of years to come.

Essentially, Donald Trump is set to make America polluted rather than great again…


Thank you President Obama for your consecutive terms. #MyPresident






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