The medicinal implications Aloe Vera has to offer

Aloe Vera (barbadensis Miller) is one old the oldest mentioned plants due to its medical purposes. There are records of many ancient civilizations  using aloe vera to treat flesh wounds, burns and fevers. These days you can find aloe vera in common households or in commercial fields being grown for resale. The benefits of the plant make it more of a hassle to not have around!


Aloe vera matures in 3-4 years under natural conditions, and a fully grown plant may contain over 21 leaves and reach a height of over 40cm! The list of benefits that aloe vera may help you with contain but are not limited to: irritated or inflamed skin, burns and scratches, toning, moisturizing, and reduce scarring on skin. Did I forget to mention its gel aloeine acts as a natural sunscreen?! Due to the range of applications a single aloe vera plant may contribute to, it has become one of the worlds most common household plants with many people keeping one within close reach of them.

-Albert Lin



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