Review on the article “Plants to Attract Butterflies” – Toronto Star

Recently, pollinators such as honeybees and monarch butterflies have been in drastic decline as a result of habitat destruction and herbicides. These pollinators are an integral part of food abundance for many species including humans, and ultimately important for the biodiversity of our ecosystem. This article informed the public about these issues, as well as pointers on which plants to plant to help attract butterflies.

Although this article was accurate and concise which allowed for a quick and easy read, I believe there should have been more information on the monarchs most important food source: milkweed. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed, which the caterpillars later feed on as a vital food source. For this reason, it is incumbent that the public understands to not treat milkweed as a “weed”. Earlier this summer, before I was aware of the appearance of milkweed, I pulled a few of them from my garden. If I had known that the loss of this species was a detriment to the monarch populations, I wouldn’t have done so. Therefore I believe that any publishing that mentions the protection of monarch butterflies should include a photograph of milkweed and an explanation of why it is so important. This way, there can be more awareness on this important subject. Instead of doing so, this article mentioned the reason why moths are also important pollinators. Although they are also important, this article was slightly irrelevant, as it did not state the most important variable of the monarchs decline. Without milkweed, it is pointless to plant other species.

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