You pay high for it, so does nature

As I was passing by jewellery store the other day, my attention was pulled in by some shiny stones, which looked like diamonds. They were breathtaking and of course, very expensive too. I did not really want to buy some, but it piqued my interest to know where they were being collected. All I know is that they come from mining efforts by workers who are subjected to harsh conditions, most of the times.

As I was browsing through mining topics, some photos of rivers with excessive pollution and ecosystems destroyed, popped up. I began to look at the pictures and got disturbed by the different hazards and effects mining had for nature. These pictures were mostly related to coal mining.

pic1.pngTaken from:


Taken from:

I found a website with a lot of pictures and new reports. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization which aims to fight against the injustices inflicted on nature. In one of their articles (Link:, they talked about the impacts of coal mining. Some ecological impacts which were discussed were strip mining effects which pollute ecosystems, leaving lands barren because of contamination and costly rehabilitation, and acid mine drainage which directly kills plants and makes surface water non-potable. This was very disturbing because even if the miners have long been gone, the nature effects were said to be long-term and sometimes irreparable.

Several countries already have disaster reports related to mining, and we still wonder why the practice ensues. Of course, the main issue is the precious minerals and gems the countries get to improve their economic situation. The problem though is at what cost are they paying to attain that economic benefits?

Greenpeace noted that we could do our share in fighting against these injustices to nature. Some of the ways cited were to explore renewable energy sources and invest on coal and fossil fuel free appliances.

We have to know what we are buying. We pay high for these minerals and gems, but nature also pays hard for it. Let us not make nature go through these things for our selfish wants.






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