That is also wood..

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That is such a cute woodcarving. Oh…my laptop is placed on this wooden table. I am actually sitting on a wooden chair. When I look around, I can see a lot of wooden things. Outside, though, I can barely see trees from this height.

There are so many things made out of wood. Even our ancestors once made discoveries with wood. Whether it was the first wheel or firewood, it all began with wood.

With tonnes of human beings needing wood, I sometimes wonder how many thousands of trees are being cut every day. What type are they? Do they have replacements? Are they even legally logged?

Fortunately, a bunch of nature-loving guys pushed for the idea of sustainable forestry. A sustainable forest is where mature trees chopped down are replaced with seedlings that will grow into over time. It contains trees of all ages and may be of different species. Wildlife and the ecosystem are also preserved to sustain the forest. Several policies and organizations are geared towards implementing this.

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The above cycle is applied where only mature trees are taken down for use. This way, there will be a constant supply for work and the needs of the people, while maintaining the plants and wildlife in the forest.

I guess even the large parks which are used for field trips are also sustainable forests. They earn income by tourist attraction, and at the same time, provide the necessary habitat for species, which need a vast range of forestry.

If illegal loggers stop their businesses, we will be able to save these habitats for plants and animals alike, which are close to extinction because of deforestation. I hope more will cooperate in building sustainable forests. We need wood, one way or another.


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