What I Learned In Europe Over The Summer Of 2016!

Over this past summer I went on a Europe trip and I spent a total of 2 weeks there with my family. There I visited two countries, which included France and Poland. Our first stop was Paris. The first thing that we did was walk around the streets of Champs-Élysées. I was amazed to learn that the streets of Champs-Élysées was originally built in 1667 by André Le Nôtre who was a French landscape architect and the principal gardener for King Louis the 14th. The streets of Champs-Élysées were an extension of the Tuileries Garden, which was originally built during the year of 1564. This new boulevard was first known as the Grand Promenade because it was placed between the palace and the modern Rond Point of France. However, it was renamed as the boulevard of Champs-Élysées in 1709. During the late the Champs-Élysées had became a fashionable avenue where the gardens of the town houses of the nobility were built. Nowadays, Champs-Élysées is known for its theatres, cafés and luxury shops, for the annual Bastille Day military parade, and as the finish line of the Tour de France cycle race. Its streets ends at the Arc de Triomphe, which was built in honour the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte.

14805615_10154796420834410_1550032030_n.jpg   14804900_10154796534399410_972100663_n.jpg

The streets of Champs-Élysées / Me and my sister on the streets of Champs-Élysées

Other places of attractions that my family and I visited while we were in Paris were; the famous Eiffel tower, the Parisian eye and my favourite part; the Notre Dame church of Paris. The process of building this church started in 1163 and it was completed in 1345, meaning that it took 182 years to build it and making it 853 years old.


The Parisian eye

14794040_10154796400519410_159439919_n       14741582_10154796400619410_829138011_n.jpg

The Eiffel tower


Inside the Notre Dame church


The outside of the Norte Dame church

Our next stop was Poland where we went to visit our family. We did not do much of sightseeing there. However, we did spend a lot of time with our family who live in different places within Poland such as Koszalin, Wolin, Karścino, Kołobrzeg, Dobrzyca and Warsaw. Moreover, one interesting place that we did go to while we were in Dobrzyca was Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens. These gardens consist of two different complexes. The first complex contains a variety of almost 30 gardens; some of these gardens are the Rock Garden, Forest Garden as well as the Japanese, French and Mediterranean style-like gardens. Moreover, The second complex central point is the world’s largest hornbeam maze, which is made of 18,000 seedlings. It was really nice to see such a beautiful that contained many different types of plant species that you don’t really see here in Canada.


This picture is of the town Koszalin, Poland


The beach of Kołobrzeg, Poland.


The Hortulus Spectabilis gardens in Dobrzyca, Poland.

Here are some pictures of my cousins. The middle one was taken in Warsaw, Poland.



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