When I’m old, I want to become a tree!

“When I’m old, I want to become tree…” might be a common phrase among today’s youth once they hear about this new way of dying (living?). I saw this concept on Facebook and it deeply intrigued me, especially from environmental standpoint. Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have come up with a replacement for the coffin that also serves as a way to save the planet! (so to speak)


It’s called the Capsule Mundi concept and it uses an egg-shaped burial pod made from biodegradable starch plastic which contains the deceased human in a fetal position. This pod is buried underground with a tree or tree seed planted overtop. The nutrients from the decomposing body serve as fertilizer for the tree growth! Their vision is to develop “sacred forests” or “memory parks” as living memorials of the deceased where loved ones can visit. This idea isn’t just saving trees, it actually generates whole forests, something which the Earth sorely needs. The amount of habitat and oxygen these forests would provide would be an amazing step towards actually saving the planet and preventing biodiversity loss.


Think about the amount of human population is actually on this planet (way too much), now consider how many of these people are dying (a little depressing I know). If one tree was planted for every deceased individual we’d have too many trees! (not actually sure about that, but it would definitely solve the deforestation crisis)


So far, this concept is just that, only a concept. Journal article author Derek Markham speculates about a tree’s ability to utilize nutrients from a decomposing human body, and whether the burial pod should contain a microbial starter for effective decomposition. Nevertheless, this idea really intrigued me and I hope it becomes more popular with future generations. I think I would like to be buried and grow into a beautiful cherry blossom 🙂


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