One Thing I Learned In The Summer 2016

This summer I took a trip to India and it turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. I was born in India and lived there for 14 years before moving here 7 years ago but I only lived in one region and was only exposed to one culture. India is a very culture rich country with 29 states and every state has a different language and heritage. I never got the chance to explore my birth country until this summer and I am glad I traveled on my own. Travelling alone makes you more confident and also teaches you a lot about yourself and it also allows you to connect with the local community as well as their traditions on one on one basis. There is so much heritage value in India and one has to see it in person to experience its cultural importance. People are connected to their land, it doesn’t matter if they are poor and don’t have enough resources to make an impact in their community, they still feel a sense a responsibility towards preserving their culture and heritage and passing it along to further generations. I feel like we are missing that aspect of life here in the west, we mostly take an individualistic approach to most things than collectivism. I learned that beauty doesn’t come from individuals but it comes from the community and the people that are part of it, which is why it is important to preserve our heritage so that the generations to come will have something to look back on and understand the collectiveness and diversity of the South Asian community.

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