My Summer Doing Humanitarian Work

This summer my goal was to focus on personal development doing many cool mini-projects! The most memorable mini-project that I would like to share is when I volunteered to do some humanitarian with Million Dollar Smiles, through Brampton Rotary Club (shout out to my Brampton Peeps!).


Here is the logo of Million Dollar Smiles. <Source: >

For those of us that aren’t familiar with what Rotary is, it’s an international club/organization where professionals of all backgrounds, typically business people, leaders, scientists, and philanthropists come together and do humanitarian work. This organization has existed for 111 years (internationally), since 1905.



Here is the logo of Brampton Rotary Club. <Source:>



Million Dollar Smiles is an organization whose mission is to bring happiness to children afflicted with life-threatening illnesses in the GTA. Their goals are accomplished through fundraising events, gift-giving campaigns, special events, and toy drives such as the Holiday Bear Drive, where 4-foot Teddy Bears and $100 gift cards are given to children in need. Million Dollar Smiles started ten years ago and is stronger than ever and is still growing!

Now that I’ve given a small introduction about these two organizations here’s what I’ve done. WARNING towards the end of this post I may be getting sentimental (the feels).

The mission for this summer was to build playgrounds. I was able to help in the construction of a playground for a 4-year-old boy we’ll call M. M is a happy and outgoing kid. Unfortunately, due to a very complicated congenital disability and additional ailments, M was rendered non-verbal, blind, and unable to walk. This project was my first build and not my last! It was fascinating seeing so many people take time out of their day to help construct something for someone in need. It was very rewarding to see the expressions on M and his family’s faces. They were ecstatic and grateful.



This is a picture of Jeff, myself and my very close high school friend Palash trying to finish up a wall!



Here is the full team and the final product!


Here’s us adding in some final touches before adding the roof!

I was given one souvenir, a green silicone bracelet. I still wear it to this day as a reminder to be grateful. On the bracelet it says Live Life or Love Life, take it as you will, personally learned that true happiness is about giving and helping each other. That making memories with the people you love and care about is what counts (Harvard did a study on this).



This is a candid photo of me; I have the bracelet on. Believe when I say candid, I looked up last minute.




Here’s a picture of cake, who doesn’t love cake?


Thanks for reading! Until next time, Barry out!

About bkallay22

I am a second-third year Biomedical Sciences major at York University.
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