Who is Margaret Atwood? -A Canadian Treasure

1.jpg“I hope that people will finally come to realize that there is only one ‘race’ – the human race – and that we are all members of it.” -MA

Margaret Atwood, a house hold name across Canada is an accomplished novelist, poet, environmental activist and business woman.


With over 40 published novels and several different literature awards and honorary degrees (55 to be exact), Atwood is a highly decorated woman involved in areas of feminism, social science and entrepreneurship ventures. Often referred to as Canada’s best known novelist, Atwood incorporates strong females characters and scientific  undertones within her fictional novels that involve real life issues in politics as seen in her famous novel, The Handmaid’s Tale and Cat’s eye where she incorporates human relationships with the environment and animals. Often times, her novels and poetry showcase themes of civilization versus the wild, and the inevitability of death. Many of her themes often reoccur with changing symbolism and are in the works of being adapted into plays and movies due to their popularity.


Currently, Atwood is working on the Future Library project. The project is set to be completed in the year 2114 and only shared then. Not too long of a wait right? The project aims to collect an original piece of literature by popular writers annually with Atwood being the first contributor. She officially completed the piece titled “Scribbler Moon” in 2015. We will only need to wait a century to read it!

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