One thing I learned in the summer of 2016

A valuable lesson that I was lucky enough to learn this summer was how to cope with the stresses of life. Be it big or small we all have some form of stress that we have to deal with in life. It could be from work, family, school, financial issues you name it, it is unfortunately something that’s ever present. It may seem inconsequential at first but sooner than later all of the stresses of life could leave you feeling very troubled and caged in.

This summer was the summer I learned that stress isn’t something that should rule my life, and that I should be the one to take charge and be able to come up with healthy ways to cope with it. After going through what I found to be one of the most stressful years for me academically, I decided that maybe a break from the stresses of school was something I was in dire need of. Up until now, never have I ever been able to have a completely care free summer. I decided it was time for one now. During this time, I was able to focus on myself and learn different things about myself. I was able to do many things such as travel to Sri Lanka to be with my family, exercise, spend quality time with friends, and most of all just learning different ways to deal with my stress. It was through this summer that I learned that:

  • Exercise does great things for you mentally and physically
  • Sharing and talking, and making connections with others helps you to overcome stress and anxiety in so many ways (God bless support systems!)
  • Sometimes a quick and walk through nature is all you need to destress and put things into perspective
  •  And most of all that its okay to feel stressed, what is important is that you have avenues and support systems to help you deal with it in a healthy way

Although it took me this many years to start figuring out how to deal with stress, i’m glad that I was able to find better coping mechanisms as it’s something that I will put to use in the many years ahead. I hope this post was able to help anyone who is going through stress, even if it was just a little!

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