The Consequences of Free Time

This summer was a well deserved break. A daily routine consisted of sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon, going to the gym and eating, then going out at night with friends or work. However, when you have all the time in the world you tend to procrastinate.

For the first three months of summer I primarily spent at lakeshore enjoying the weather and views. This summer being the hottest summer ever recorded made me use a lot of money in order to stay hydrated. If I was not there I was somewhere downtown having fun or at work!

With he final month of summer approaching, the need to select my courses for school kicked in. Still in summer mode and procrastinating, it took two weeks before an actually attempt to select courses. At this time I pulled up the course requirements for my program (biology). Following this was the tedious task of having to check what each course code was and finding sections to enroll in.

At this time I realized many of the 3000 -level courses were field courses. Being 6 credits off of a full course load, I looked into the field courses but they were far too confusing for me to enroll in. I ended up taking an elective and proceeding to start my school year!

-Albert Lin

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