Summer 16 – Seize the Heat!

Hello fellow applied plant ecology students!

During this summer, if it appeared that each time you checked the weather forecast for the day and a heat warning was in effect, it was because we had the hottest August in the city of Toronto on record!


The high and low temperature for each day of August 2016 in Toronto exceeded the  average high and low temperature on record nearly each day of the month.


Upon hearing this news, I believe there are two different ways people in the city will act accordingly to deal with the heat – those that will seek the comfort of a blasting air conditioned building to spend their days, or those (like myself) that seize the heat before we begin to complain about the cold weather that is fast-approaching once fall and winter hits!

It was necessary for me to love the heat this summer, as I worked at Wonderland. If you ever came in to get your seasons pass processed, you have likely saw me near the front gates. This allowed for the optimal view of the Leviathan roller coaster every day, the ride that many people were most excited to go on during their visit to the amusement park. Let’s just say that a lot of children were much more braver than I am, as I have never went on Leviathan due to my fear of it.


The beautiful view of the amusement park seen upon entrance of the front gates. This was the most popular area of the park where group selfies were taken!


The Leviathan roller coaster, which features a drop that is nearly 90 degrees. One day I will have the bravery to ride on this coaster!


Working at an amusement park calls for enjoying a funnel cake at least once during the season.


Having a closing shift on Canada Day meant that the fireworks were on full display throughout the end of your shift!

Great weather meant that an outdoor activity was part of the plan. At the peak of the Pokémon Go craze, my brother and I visited High Park, a part of the city that was notorious for the abundance of Pokémon characters that would spawn all throughout the day. We just had to triple-check that we had packed insect repellent for the day, as mosquitoes were abundant as well!


Virtual characters were not the only cute critters seen at High Park. Upon entering the High Park zoo, beautiful animals such as capybaras and llamas were effective at removing eyes that were glued to smartphones, though just for a moment.



The heat naturally called for a visit to the beach. I’m not ashamed to say that I fell asleep laying in the sand at Woodbine beach. At least I obtained a golden tan!

Photo 2016-09-02, 1 55 58 PM.jpg

However, with a great tan comes the repercussion of a not-so-awesome tan line, especially the one on my wrist due to my Fitbit …

These were the highlights of my summer as I tried to take advantage of the blazingly hot temperature on record. In regards to dealing with the heat, I would love to know which type of person you were this summer – did stay in the comfort of a well air conditioned building at all times, or did you embrace the heat and get odd tan lines like I did?


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