Positivity at a funeral; ironic is it not?- what i learned this summer.

Summer 2016 had finally started and i had so many things planned ahead for myself. I was going to hangout with my close friends, start working at a new summer job, go on incredible adventures, travel with family or friends, and basically make some awesome memories to cherish forever. Most of it happened, but not exactly the way i expected it to.

My summer initially started out with juggling a new part time summer job, summer school and hanging out with my friends. Along the way i made a lot of new work buddies whom i enjoyed gossiping and cracking jokes with as well as making wonderful memories in the process. Everything was going well until my mom received a phone call from her cousin in Montreal. She was suffering of stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 53.

She was my mom’s first cousin and for me my Montreal aunt. i didn’t expect to have her death impact me in such an unusual way but it did. Everywhere she went she brought positivity along with her. She greeted everyone with a smile and a “Hi darling, how are u doing today?” She brought light into many people’s lives who needed support. She taught and brought up her children to be the best that they can ever be and to always reach for the sky, because the sky was the limit and to never give up.

I really admired and looked up to her because above all, she was a very determined woman. She was determined to keep pushing forward despite the hardships that came her way, despite her stage 4 cancer that was taking a toll on her little by little, despite the fact that her own daughter had had cancer and were both fighting it together and despite everything that had happened she still smiled. She didn’t let anything get in her way, not even cancer.

The dreadful phone call came once more, and this time to inform us of her passing. No one said a word in my house. We were silent, stunned that such a beautiful soul had gone too soon. We made our ways to each of our own rooms and finally let it all sink in. we started packing our clothes along with our funeral clothes and headed out for the night. As expected, the funeral was depressing, people crying everywhere but what i did not expect were the people that came out for her and support the family. They brought with them wonderful memories of her and gave us the opportunity to live it with them by letting us hear their stories. That day i learned a lot. About life, about school, about relationships. She had indirectly taught me a very valuable lesson that i had always lacked to consider as important. Be positive.

Below are her 5 valuable lessons she lived by.

  1. Love everything and everyone to no end, because the future is unknown.
  2. Forgive and forget, thats what keeps a relationship/friendship together.
  3. sky is the limit.
  4. Never stress.
  5. Think positively no matter what and appreciate everything.

A trip that was supposed to be filled with loss and grief turned out to be a lesson for me, a memory that i will hold on to for a very long time.

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