Finding Sweetness

It was the summer of 2016 when it first peaked my interest. I’ve never truly felt like an adult until I walked through the entrance of the yellow themed grocery store filled with fruits, veggies, and other food galore to buy groceries after my parents moved back to Vancouver. Armed with my credit card and my grocery list, I scavenged for food like a typical university student who knows little about domesticity. My first battle in the field of grocery shopping left me unscathed and gave me a sense of pride. “I can totally do this thing called adult life!” I thought. However, that sense of achievement only lasted until I had the opportunity to crack open the very first watermelon I’ve ever picked in my life. And so begins my quest for finding my superstar watermelon. Weeks after weeks of grocery shopping left me with watery and bland watermelons until the brilliant World Wide Web saved me from another tragedy. In the hopes of saving you from the misery of tasteless watermelons and wasted $4.99, here’s what to look for to find your own superstar watermelon:

  1. The ground spot aka the yellow spot1

The field spot is a discoloration developed at the area where the watermelon had laid on the ground as it grows. A creamy yellow spot tells you that you’ve hit the jackpot while a white or green spot indicates that the watermelon was picked too soon and may not be as ripe as it should be.

  1. Webbing


Many assume that these marks mean that the fruit is no good. However, webbing indicates that bees have pollinated the flower of the fruit and caused scars to the rind of the watermelon. Therefore, the more webbing you see signifies more frequent pollination which produces a sweeter fruit.

  1. Tail

3The tail of the fruit should tell you how recently it was picked. The more dried and curly it is, the riper the fruit and therefore, the sweeter it is.

  1. Gender

4Yes, watermelons have genders! The male watermelons are elongated in shape and are more watery. The female ones are rounder in shape and are sweeter.

If you find these qualifications to be tedious, check the following links for more information about why it’s worth it:


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