Backyard Gardening

This summer, I spent my leisure time gardening in my backyard. Instead of just buying seeds or seedlings, I decided to save seeds from my own vegetables, dry them and plant those instead. I also took the approach to germinate the seeds in a closed, moist sandwich bag before planting them in the soil. This way, the seeds germinated much more quickly and I was able to see which seeds were viable. The vegetables that I planted are tomatoes, potatoes,  and bell peppers. I also planted fruits such as cantaloupe, dates and strawberries and legumes such as beans. All the plants sprouted and grew but the dates didn’t grow after a while (because I forget to water them) and the strawberry plants were too fragile and thin against the winds.

Because I started to spend an enormous amount of time planting and had many left over seeds, I wanted to be able to share them with fellow gardeners who would also be interested in planting. This is when I came across Seed Libraries here in Toronto! And better yet, there is actually a seed library at York University, run by a club called Regenesis. A seed library stores many different seeds which people donate, and allows individuals to take as many seeds as they would need for backyard gardening. I think this is a great initiative to allow individuals to contribute to their community and to also promote gardening.

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One Response to Backyard Gardening

  1. wmajeed says:

    Oh cool… I didn’t even know that there’s something as a seed library!


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