Green Roofs

To expand on some of the benefits of Green Roofs mentioned during my groups presentation on Habitat Fragmentation and Loss in Biol 4095, here is a video.  It’s from Wall Street Journal reporter Shelly Banjo.  Stuart Gaffin from Columia University’s Center for Climate Research describes that with global warming there is going to be excess heat conditions and excess storm water runoff conditions.  Green roofs address these problems by absorbing storm water runoff, preventing flow into cities overwhelmed sewer systems. The soil and vegetation can help cool and insulate buildings reducing energy costs, improving air quality and lowering urban temperatures which are usually higher than rural temperatures.  The report was centered around two studies:

Study 1: Earth Pledge, a New York environmental building non-profit is conducting an experiment to see how a green roof preformed compared to a flat roof.  A major goal of this experiment was to see how many gallons of water can be absorbed by the vegetation.

Study 2: Cost-benefit analysis. Several roofs studied in the New York metropolitan center which measures the wind and sunlight levels, air and surface temperatures and radiation reflected from the green roofs.  This allows them to determine the temperature of green roof and a flat roof at any time and compare them.

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