HowStuffWorks Takes a Look at Invasive Species!

The video takes a look at 5 extremely invasive species

1) Asian carp –
* An Asian carp surging out of the water and into your face is the same as having a bowling ball thrown at your head.
* Weighs 100 lbs or 45 kg
* Asian carp can jump as high as 10 feet
* If frightened by things such as a motor boat you can possibly witness numerous Asian carp surging out of the water into the air
* Really good at removing algae from catfish ponds
* Asian carp has spread so rapidly damaging the fishing industry
* Lead industries to poison rivers and place electric underwater fences to keep them away

2) Golden Bamboo
* Overtakes everything as they spread destroying other plants and homes they provide to local animals
* The US in 2010 spent $138 billion dollars a year to fight Golden Bamboo

3) Rabbits
* Rabbits reproduce rapidly and tunnel through everything causing soil erosion and damage to the landscape
* Myxomatosis is a disease that affects rabbits and was introduced in Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the rabbit population but they developed a resistant to the virus

4) Starling
* 200 000 million flying around flying around in flocks of a million or more
* Starling eat many vegetation and ruin the land
* Starling flocks are so large they can cause planes to crash

5) Cane Toads
* Cane toads will eat pretty much any terrestrial animal and fight them for territory
* Cane toads are capable of secreting a toxin that can kill wildlife, including humans
* Only way to control them is by bio-engineering they so they give birth to only males

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