Carnivorous Plants!

The are actually so cool. It’s hard to believe things like this exist. Carnivorous plants are usually found in poor soils. It’s thought that these plants evolved to overcome the lack of nutrients in the soil. Here is a small list of some of the cooler ones. more info at Happy reading!

Venus Fly Trap

This plant is pretty common. it works by having trigger hairs on its surface. When these hairs are touched twice in 20 seconds or the same hair touched twice the trap activates. they are capable of eating insects, arachnids and even frogs!


Pitcher Plants

They are a very diverse group and can grow to be quite large. They have a large pitcher that attracts prey via smell, visual stimulus or nectar. they consume anything that will fall in. A notable case was a full grown rat. This plant digested a rat, mindblowing!


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