Notes on Ozone (Class Presentation)

  • Ozone depletion leads to loss of plant species
    • UV radiation decreases leaf size
    • plants shield themselves with pigment and extra wax to prevent UV damage and become thicker however its not enough – uses photoliases which repair damaged DNA


If CFC’s were not banned, by 2060 we would have no ozone – queue apocalyptic scenarios!

  • Impacts of UVB (Ultra Violet B Rays) on seagrass
    • More CFCs = more ozone depletion = more UV rays reaching earth
    • UVB can penetrate water between 10-70m


  • UVA longest, UVC shortest, UVB is the most harmful
  • Impacts on terrestrial vegetation
    • O3 causes discoloration – photochemical air pollution
    • causes shift in biomass distribution lower genetic diversity in plant communities


  • Reduce YOUR USE OF CFC to reduce ozone depletion
    • cleaning products, aerosol spray, glue, fire extinguishers have CFCs


  • Fire extinguishers release halon into atmosphere -> haloalkane -> damages ozone
    • Look for CFC free logo


  • Ozone layer depletion to be reduced in prediction of the future – good news! 🙂
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