Notes on Herbivory (Class Presentation)


  • Plant defences:
    • Mechanical: spines, thorns, tough tissues, sticky resins, and hairs
    • Chemical: Produce biochemicals which are toxic, repellent, or antinutritive for herbivores of all types:
      • alkaloids (such as caffeine and nicotine)
      • terpenoids (terpene and pinene)
      • glucosinolates (sinigrin)
      • phenolics (tannin and chlorogenic acid).

  • Overgrazing
    • cause of erosion and desertification
    • leading cause of spread of invasive species (plants and weeds)

  • Rotational grazing:
    • overgrazed plants do not have chance to repopulate between grazing events
  • Solutions to overgrazing:
    • more funding for modernization of farmers
    • enforce ecological limits on companies on defoliation
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