Garbage in the Oceans

After seeing this image, I remembered a TEDx Talks episode I saw a few years ago. Here is the video:

At the time, Boyan Slat was 18 years old with a great idea. After searching up where the project is now, I was surprised by the results.

In June of this year, (now 19-years old) unveiled the results of the project. Here is a quick factsheet of the entire project. Here is the entire feasibility study. The point is that watching that video in 2012, I remember thinking this is a GREAT idea but I don’t know how feasible it would be and if it could actually work. This kid (still two years younger than most of us) has turned his idea into a feasible project that may one day be able to clean all the shit we have put in the ocean.

The moral of the story is that if you have a great idea (especially in science), let everyone know and maybe one day you could developing a solution to one of our many problems.

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