Are we doomed?

As we have seen the rise and fall of many civilizations throughout history, it is inevitable that our civilization will too come to an end at some point in the future.  Let us ignore our chaotic universe and the chance of it hurling a giant asteroid at Earth. Instead, let us focus on a more imminent danger, such as the issue of climate change, which will inherently  increases severe weather occurrences, pose threat to our food production and food security, as well as negatively impact our overall health. It is, therefore, critical that our leaders take this problem seriously in order to increase efforts to slow climate change and its effects as well as mitigate issues which arise as a result of changing climate.

However, after watching Jon Steward’s segment covering the People’s Climate March in New York, the largest climate change march in history, where Steward later went on to criticize the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology on the ignorance or sheer stupidity of its representatives body, it may be that our civilization’s doom may be closer than we think.

Watch Jon Steward’s segment here: 

You can also watch the full hearing here: 

Steward brings up an important point: there is still a large awareness gap when we are dealing with climate change. This gives corporations and politicians leeway for making a quick buck at the expanse of environmental health and ultimately or civilization’s future. It is hard to believe that the US House Science committee is represented by people that seem to lack an elementary grade education.

If this is the approach the US and other nations take towards solving the issues dealing with climate change, then our civilization meet its fate as did the Akkadian, Mayan, and many other civilizations before us.

We must, therefore, learn from humanity’s past mistakes and understand that both climate and environment health are integral parts of our own lives. Only then we would be able to build ourselves a sustainable future.

For more on historical impacts of climate change, click here.

An interesting world map generated by Google summarizing most, if not all, occurrences of civilization collapse and migration due to climate change,

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