Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

Bill McKibben was on the Colbert Report a couple of weeks ago and made a good point about not just climate change but about our fossil-fuel society.—bill-mckibben

“There is no doubt that I am a hypocrite. I’ve spent the last four years on the move, around the planet, building this big global climate movement and spewing carbon behind me as I went. It’s possible that I cannot make up for as much as I put out but I hope this movement that we are building and the people who are willing to go to jail and sitting outside the White House and do all the other things maybe making enough difference to make up for that carbon”.

He makes a good point about even though he is the co-founder and director of, an international environmental organization that wants to raise awareness about climate change, to confront climate change denial, and to cut emissions of carbon dioxide in order to slow the rate of global warming; he still needs his car that runs on fossil fuels to get around.

The debate was over the Keystone XL Pipeline and he quoted James Hansen as suggesting that, “If Canada proceeds, and we do nothing, it will be game over for the climate”. Note: Jon Stewart also did a piece on how politicians are stretching the ‘benefits’ of the pipeline a little too thin (

Anyways I will leave you with picture:

Keystone XL Pipeline

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