Buckyballs enhance carbon capture

Carbon-60 molecules, also known as buckyballs! (shape of a soccer ball)

Rice University scientists have found a new environmentally efficient carbon-capture method that could be just as good at drawing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial flue gases and natural gas wells.

Andrew Barron, a chemist from the Rice Lab, revealed in a proof-of-concept study that amine-rich compounds are highly effective at capturing the greenhouse gas when combined with carbon-60 molecules.

Carbon-60, the soccer ball-shaped molecule also known as buckminsterfullerene (or the “buckyball”) was discovered at Rice by Nobel Prize laureates Richard Smalley, Robert Curl and Harold Kroto in 1985. The ultimate curvature of buckyballs may make them the best possible way to bind amine molecules that capture carbon dioxide but allow desirable methane to pass through.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-12-buckyballs-carbon-capture-environmentally-friendly.html#jCp

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