How To Manage Your Time Well

As university students, we need to learn how to manage our time well. We need to be able to manage our school work with our personal lives. On top of that, we never know what might happen in the future; such as catching the flu. Therefore, it is important to always be on top of your work and prioritize your time effectively. That is why I found this youtube video and article that outlines ways we can manage our time better.

Click here to watch the youtube video

Click here to read 20 tips on how we can manage our time better
The one piece of advice I would give in terms of managing your time is to use a calendar. I always write down everything in my agenda, so I can finish my assignments on time, and allocate enough time to study for any exams. Managing your time well is a skill that takes some dedication, but once you mastered it, you can be surprised at what you can accomplish so quickly!

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