The Salmon Canon

The latest techno-fix (that is something that addresses a symptom or side-effect of a problem but not the root) of  environmental issues is the Salmon Canon. Hydro electric companies want to use rivers and streams but salmon need to swim up stream to spawn, thus the salmon canon comes in, launching salmon upstream. Does this have ecological consequences? Probably considering the only salmon that should be spawning are those that can actually swim against a current and make it up stream and this is basically doing the work for them.  Not to mention, this canon is wasting electricity on something that should be happening naturally. What happens when they spawn and the new salmon need to go downstream?

Despite all these issues…the Salmon Canon is incredibly entertaining to watch and John Oliver makes a hilarious montage of firing salmon onto various television personalities.

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One Response to The Salmon Canon

  1. roshamof says:

    i loved the video!


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