National Grid unveils plans to bury cables underground

The New Forest

Wales, UK, has a new idea to make the environment more visually appealing. Bury the cables underground. Power lines take up the scenery in many parts and the general populace could not be happier that their local government is taking this “positive step”.

However what are the drawbacks? What are the ecological impacts of doing this?

An excerpt from a BBC article:

An advisory group is helping with the process. It comprises organisations including the Campaign for National Parks, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Campaign to Protect Rural Wales, English Heritage, Cadw, Natural England and the National Trust.

Nick Clack, senior energy campaigner at CPRE, told BBC News: “This is a really positive step in reducing the impact of existing overhead electricity lines in some of our most valued countryside.

“Given these welcome efforts to mitigate the impact of existing lines, National Grid needs to make sure it is doing all it can to mitigate the impact of new ones.

“Close consultation and cooperation should be applied across all regulated industries so that landscape impacts arising from big infrastructure projects are properly considered and funding is provided at the outset.”

Although an environmental impact report is yet to be finalized, it seems as though everyone has made up their minds. Don’t be surprised when even after the ecological impacts are determined, whatever they may be, some justification for this move will be found, and the project will go ahead. This is the cost of living in the modern industrial age of the 21st century.

Electricity pylons

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