The Dark Side of Early Evolutionary Theory

As biologists we are somewhat obliged to accept the current paradigm of evolutionary theory, in other words, the theory presented by Darwin (and Wallace).  There have been many times that I have come across creationists refusing to even consider learning anything about the theory itself.  As a scientist, I do get rather frustrated, especially when that video went viral on Facebook, “man destroys evolutionary theory in 2 seconds” or something ridiculous like that.  This actually upsets me because said man knows nothing about the theory at all, but pretends like he does.  Every time I saw this (and there were several times…I have very “devout” friends, don’t judge) I confronted the sharer on my Facebook and said “well if you’d like I could tell you the answers to all the preposterous questions and allegations for you”.  This was either never responded to or rejected because, why learn about a theory you don’t care about? It’s not like you’re making stark allegations against it and almost every scientific professional responsible for your health and quality of life got their degree using it at some point, do continue.


The real problem is not creationist vs. evolutionist. It’s pretending to know about something or attacking someone’s beliefs (yes, yes I know just because someone doesn’t believe in evolution doesn’t mean it’s any less true, just hear me out).  People have the right to their beliefs, but that’s a two way street. What Bill Nye is trying to fight in the US (other than people refusing to accept climate change) is not adults and their belief systems; it’s that children who haven’t developed theirs yet can be exposed to all perspectives and have the right to belief what they want, a scientific theory with substantial evidence or that the Earth is 7000 years old and dinosaurs are the work of Satan trying to corrupt you. So what’s this “dark side” Tehmeena stop your yapping and get on with it.

Evolution had been used repeatedly to support racism, this idea that white Europeans are more “evolved” than Africans or Asians.   When minorities have been oppressed using a theory, dehumanized using a theory by their white oppressors and the white people trying to “help” them by claiming they’re too simple or stupid to seek revenge for slavery and oppression.  They’re not exactly going to throw on their pjs and snuggle into bed with “The Origin of Species” are they? Let’s not forget, Georges Cuvier, a celebrated scientist to whom we accredit the theory of catastrophism (older fossils are at the bottom of rock, new ones at the top, etc.) dissected a native South African woman named Sarah Baartman after her death in 1815 (most probably without her consent) and displayed her body. Yes, you read correctly, even her genitals…especially her genitals I should say because they were on display in the Museum of Man in Paris, France along with her skeleton and brain until 1974. We (evolutionists) see ourselves somehow as the victim trying to help people believe the “truth” and that the villain is the Southern, white, ‘Merican not allowing us to help children learn science.  Historically, it wasn’t like that.  That Sourthern, white, ‘Merican was probably prancing around with Morton’s Crania Americana happy as a clam, chugging down evolutionary theory.

So please enjoy this video …I think this man’s research is pretty neat.

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