The Unist’ot’en Camp Resistance

This is a 10 minute video, which is relatively long for the YouTube videos these days, but if you’re like me and you’ve binge-watched several seasons on Netflix in a matter of days, then you can definitely sit and watch the whole thing.

This video looks at the tar sand pipeline issue from the perspective of First Nations in British Columbia.  First Nations not only face the struggle of trying to protect the environment, but the repeated struggle of the Canadian Government ignoring their rights and their territories (which should technically be all of Canada).  The majority of the video took place last month (October 2014), hard to imagine that even in this day and age oil companies are sneaking onto Indigenous territories and marking pathways to build a pipeline that they have absolutely no right to build.  At around 7:05 you can see the propaganda that is fed to residents and First Nations to try to convince them that oil pipelines are perfectly environmentally friendly, and you can also see Freda Huson totally own an Enbridge representative on the Federal government’s jurisdiction (so satisfying).

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