5 Tips for Meeting Work Deadlines

As the Fall Semester is coming to an end and deadlines are quickly approaching, here is a post written by Ed Grabinowski with five useful tips on how to deal with the stress of due dates.

5 Tips For Meeting Work Deadlines by Ed Grabianowski

In Summary:

  1. Stay organized!
    -Keep a calendar with all important dates scheduled to insure that nothing is missed.
  2. Don’t procrastinate,
    -Break assignments down and make a timeline that permits you to complete each component leading up to the final task.
  3. Delegate smaller tasks,
    -With group work, find out peoples strengths and delegate parts accordingly so that the work can be completed efficiently.
  4. Use a soft deadline,
    -Move up deadlines from what you were initially told so that you can account for any unexpected events that may occur.
  5. Don’t set yourself up to fail.
    -Ask for help and use the resources you have available to the best of your ability.

Good luck!

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