Go Botany!

Since attending the lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Farnsworth (a couple of weeks ago), I have visited the New England Wild Flower Society’s cool website called “Go Botany“. Dr. Farnsworth showed us how any layman and laywoman could use their snazzy online dichotomous key to identify the plants of New England. After some more Googling, I found a Youtube playlist (featuring Dr. Farnsworth herself) that aids in the identification of New England plant species.

This short blogpost was simply to state that I think the online dichotomous key is the coolest thing to happen to botany since the original dichotomous key was drawn in colour by pencil and watercolor back in 1689 (Bonus: A journal article on who exactly invented the dichotomous key).

Here is a poster I found showcasing all the organization that ‘Go Botany’ is being applied to; including Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institution. It may simply be my not-worried-by-how-much-it-costs, anything-is-possible, why-can’t-it-be-a-thing undergraduate mind thinking but why can’t this type of online dichotomous key be available for any plant anywhere on this Earth (presuming there is a botanist around that has identified it and logged it into the key)?

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