For the Gardeners and Landscapers out there…

The Ontario Invasive plant council has a campaign against invasive plant species called the “Grow Me Instead” campaign. It is designed to  be a guide for identifying invasive plant species and gives individuals native alternatives. Here are two examples from the booklet:

Trees and Shrub, Norway maple (Acer platanoides)

  • dense medium size trees that are able to tolerate urban conditions.
  • already exist in some parks and ravines as pure strains.
  • dense coverage is a canopy which does not allow sufficient sunlight to reach the ground inhibiting other plant life such as shrubs and ground cover to grow.

Aquatic plants, Fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana)

  • a sub-tropic and temperate region plant of South America.
  • very popular in aquariums and easily available for purchase.
  • flourishes in slow flowing streams, ponds, small rivers and lakes
  • displaces native vegetation and clogs canals and streams diminishes their drainage capacity.


For the complete booklet and a link to the council’s website, click below.

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