Crocodiles Are Big On Teamwork

As If crocodiles and alligators were not already terrifying, recent findings reveal that they actually coordinate their attacks on prey. Prior to this study, crocodiles were known for their ambushing techniques, however their predatory behaviour was never properly understood, and at first glance, might even look like they are competing against each other. Their coordinated predatory behaviour is an additional testament to their intellect which is also evident in other aspects of their social and parental behaviour. The crocodiles each play an important role in the organized effort depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Click to watch crocodiles in action. Don’t click if you like gazelles.

Interestingly enough, the scientists in this study used social media to reach out to anyone who had witnessed the predatory behaviours of crocodiles whether they were professionals working with crocodiles, or just nature enthusiasts. Another example of how social media is being used in research today. Which reminds me that I have a lot tweeting left to do.

Full article:

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