Dallas Ebola patient dies – This is what I would’ve done

          To start we must understand, in basic terms, what ebola is and how it works. Ebola is a disease caused by the ebolavirus that leads to death. A virus, works by infecting a host cell and replicating the virus to continue growing while killing each host cell it infects. Our bodies have evolutionarily developed a robust system by using antibodies to identify foreign proteins and then having them killed by macrophages. The problem with ebolavirus however, is that the viral damage occurs faster than the response of our immune system to identify and kill each virus.

          While some American patients of ebola have been lucky enough to receive the experimental treatment, the Dallas patient was however not as fortunate.

          While the treatment I am about to suggest has been around and discussed thoroughly around the world, for some reason it is not being used to treat ebola.

          The treatment is to transfuse plasma from the American survivors to the patient with ebola. Generally, ebola is too fast at infecting our cells than the response of our immune system. To defeat ebola, our body must be able to identify and kill each virus faster than the speed of the virus replicating itself. This can be achieved by introducing antibodies against ebola into a patient to facilitate the immune response. If the caregivers of the Dallas patient had used the plasma from the survivors, it would have contained the necessary antibodies needed against ebola. This is essentially how the experimental drug works as well.

          While it is true that the diagnosis for the Dallas patient had been delayed which led to his worsened condition, this method should be considered for future patients while the experimental drug is not readily available.

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The information in post contains knowledge acquired from previous courses at York University. To understand the basics, visit the following:
– Life cycle of a virus
– What are antibodies
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